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Synetcom Engineering Support

Why Industrial Companies Buy from Synetcom

Our goal is to provide a solution that always meets your needs for performance and reliability. Based on our experience with hundreds of field installs, we have developed the following comprehensive support plan:

We want to hear about your application with all the specifics. We can then help analyze which system is best for you and explain why.

Radio Path Analysis:
A thorough look at the radio path, with analyses of terrain and possible obstructions between your actual host and remote locations - using our extensive computerized terrain profile software.

Link Margin Calculation:
Based on sophisticated RF link computer models, we document what the operating signal margin will be for your installation - so you have confidence that it will keep working.

Factory Configuration and Test:
Your system will be configured and tested at the factory.  No field configuration is required.


Synetcom provides unlimited telephone support if a radio field issue arises. Field service support is also available.

Call our headquarters in California to speak directly to an engineer: (760) 330-9500

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