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What to Consider Before You Select an Industrial Wireless System Vendor

Wireless Systems can be as reliable as wired systems if the radio company has the skill and experience to work with industrial customers to help engineer a successful solution.  Then your job is simple - your electrician installs the system and it works.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction - A recent Dun & Bradstreet anonymous survey of 14 of our industrial customers backs this up!

How are we different?

There are technical issues in most installations that a radio engineer understands, but their sales people often don’t.  Low cost Radio systems are often sold without adequate attention to site planning and support and the results can be disappointing.  Synetcom's difference is support - free - from concept to long term operation and maintenance - we provide our customers with the engineering support necessary to implement a reliable system.

If you are comparing potential wireless system vendors, pay attention to the company’s track record.  What successes have they had?  Can you speak to one of their end customers?  Are you dealing with a radio company or something else?  Your success with Industrial Wireless will depend on making the right decisions early.

Industrial Wireless installations will work reliably as wired systems - provided they are engineered as systems and installed correctly.  Synetcom’s engineers will work with you to make sure your installation is a success.

Call our headquarters in California to speak directly to an engineer: (760) 330-9500

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