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  Block diagram of Wireless I/O radios linking 4-20mA / digitals between sites

Wireless I/O system for SCADA and telemetry applications

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Wireless I/O Radio Application:
Bidirectional 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Radios Link 4-20mA Sensor Current Loops, Discretes, and Relay I/O

Model: DIN-R

Typical Site Application Diagram:

Synetcom wireless I/O application

Every input signal (4-20mA, digital) on one wireless i/o radio appears as an output on the other radio.  The radios are set up as pairs that emulate a cabled connection.  Nothing to configure or calibrate.  I/O connects directly to labeled terminals.  Internal solar panel, battery charger, and sensor power supply make remote site applications easy. 

1. 4-20mA sensors are powered by the DIN-R's internal Sensor DC supply.  Sensor current loops input to radio 1 are output as loop-powered 4-20mA current loops on radio 2.

2. Grounding Digital INs on radio 1 causes corresponding Relay OUTs on radio 2 to assert.

3. Likewise, inputs on radio 2 appear as outputs on radio 1.

For applications with more than two sites, or with expandable Wireless I/O requirements, use Synetcom's Serial SCADA Radio Modem with Radio Telemetry I/O Expanders.


Synetcom's Wireless I/O 4-20mA sensor radio

Wireless I/O Radio

Product Data Sheet - 1
Product Spec Data - 2
Product Application Data - 3




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