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Radio Telemetry RTU

RTU Radio Modem with 4-20 mA Current Loop, Serial, Discrete, Pulse Counter and Modbus I/O

Models: WISE 4-20 VHF, WISE 4-20 UHF

The WISE 4-20 Radio Telemetry RTU is available in the 150 MHz (VHF) and 450 MHz (UHF) licensed frequency bands with up to 4: 4-20 ma analogs (24 bit), 8 discretes, 1 pulse counter or 1 serial interface. WISE Host unit has mirrored I/O or is also available with a serial port, allowing remote site monitoring and control using Modbus.

WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU is an industrial grade, VHF / UHF radio telemetry RTU with mirrored I/O features for industrial applications. Link a single sensor to your data acquisition network or use WISE 4-20 to build SCADA systems, long range links and regional wireless data acquisition and remote control networks.

  • Reliable - 150 MHz or 450 MHz band synthesized TX/RX with 5 Watt transmit power
  • Easy Install - RTU system that mirrors I/O, shipped factory configured (no user configuration required)
  • High I/O Count - up to 4: 4-20 mA analogs (16 bit / 24 bit internal), 8 discretes and 1 pulse counter interface, or 1 serial per unit
  • Industrial Grade - -30C to +70C, IP 65 water tight enclosure & connectors - surge, short circuit and RF filtering on all I/O
  • Two Radio Types - VHF 5 Watt or UHF 5 Watt (licensed) options
  • Flexible Networking - Modbus, serial, repeater versions - 1 Host services up to 253 remotes
  • Long Range - superior range compared to 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radios
  • Low DC Power - 100 uA sleep mode current, ideal for solar powered remote sites or long life battery installations
  • Sensor Power - gated supply built in for lowest power consumption

WISE 4-20: 5 Watt Radio Telemetry RTU - Long distance 4-20mA loops and digital On/Off control over licensed radio channels

The WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU is designed to reliably and securely replace cable in industrial applications. Each WISE 4-20 remote accepts up to four 4-20 mA analogs, eight discretes, 1 pulse counting or one RS232/485 input. All I/O is replicated at the WISE host - including analogs with full 16 bit precision. The link between remote and host is a two-way error-protected digital radio operating in the licensed 150 MHz or 450 MHz radio band (VHF or UHF).

WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTUs are shipped factory-configured and tested. There is no field configuration necessary. Typical installation involves simply mounting and powering the units and connecting the antennas and I/O.

Self Test /Verification
A convenient 'Test' button is provided on both remote and host units to allow verification of the radio and I/O.

Inside the WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU Remote
The WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU remote is located nearest the sensor(s) and includes 4-20 mA and discrete or digital serial interfaces, as well as the complete radio, antenna, optional battery and solar power sub-systems.  A gated sensor power supply sources 12 or (optional) 24 VDC. All is self-contained in the IP 65 cast aluminum enclosure, with four indicator LED's, two water-tight I/O connectors and a Test button - used to verify overall WISE system operation. There is absolutely nothing to calibrate or configure.

WISE 4-20 Telemetry RTU Networking
Our engineers have created WISE 4-20 RTU I/O options that support a broad range of legacy industrial interfaces and protocols including Modbus. This flexibility allows very extensive data acquisition links and networks to be created from our product offerings.

For example, you can connect a WISE RTU Host directly to RS-232, creating a wireless node capable of polling a large number of WISE Telemetry RTU remotes using Modbus protocol. The system can be constructed seamlessly using our I/O compatible license free wireless I/O radios, combining long range links with short range (area) coverage. Each WISE Telemetry RTU remote acquires analogs and discretes from the field, and can also be commanded to output analogs and relay closures. Essentially, each remote performs the role of a flawlessly integrated radio + PLC - without the associated cost.

WISE Repeaters are used whenever either distance or major obstructions cause the radio signals to be weak. We offer several versions, including one for each radio type.  Data is processed through all Repeaters in digital form so sensor reading accuracy is never affected.

Lower Cost Unlicensed 4-20 mA DIN Rail Mount Version - click here

Synetcom's Radio Telemetry RTU replaces a similar discontinued product at this link

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